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Personal. Positive.
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At Flatiron Wealth Management our mission is to help our clients take control of their financial world.

Why Flatiron?

We provide independent expertise and thoughtful service with a fiduciary level duty of care.

About Us

01 // Investment Philosophy

Diversification through broad asset allocation, dynamic rebalancing, low fees, and low expenses are at the heart of our investment philosophy. Along with client behaviour, these elements have the greatest impact on a portfolio’s performance. As a firm, we focus on the factors that we can influence and prepare for the ones we can’t . We are constantly evaluating any new opportunities available to our clients to ensure that we are prepared to offer them when they are a good fit.

02 // Service Philosophy

A financial plan is a journey. At Flatiron Wealth Management, we help our clients map and navigate that journey, celebrating successes along the way, while being nimble enough to adapt to life’s challenges as they arise.

A key element in helping our clients achieve their goals is the relationship we build together. The Flatiron client experience is of the utmost importance to us. We are intensely focused on creating quality, long-term client relationships that are personal, positive, and solid.

03 // Values

Each client is unique, so our goal is to constantly ask great questions. We aim to understand not only their goals but their values, needs, and wants. The result is a coordinated, organized plan that aligns our client’s finances with their financial objectives and their ability to live a better life.

We always act from a position of positivity. Our clients should feel good about every interaction they have with our team. Sometimes the situation may be difficult to deal with, but we are always on your side.

We conduct thorough research to make sure that when we provide you with answers to your questions, we know the information is accurate.
By employing an evidence-based approach, our investment philosophy and the financial planning principles we practice are backed by proven empirical data and implemented using industry-leading tools and the latest advanced planning concepts.

Our goal is to help you get from A to B as quickly as possible. We need to keep moving forward and avoid becoming stagnant. Our job is to coach you towards your goals and keep the momentum going.

Meet the Flatiron Team

How We Work

Our process is focused on helping our clients meet their financial goals – whatever they are – providing peace of mind. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we examine the unique financial circumstance of each of our clients, ensuring we have a full understanding of what drives you and your attitude towards money.

This information helps us work with you to develop a comprehensive road map for how you can meet your short, medium, and long-term goals given your current situation and future plans. Our holistic planning models allow you to understand how individual financial decisions impact your overall financial picture.

Once we have agreed on the best strategy, we act to ensure that the plan is put in motion. We will create a detailed Action Plan so you can track your progress as we tick items off. You will have access to your plan to review and connect with us via our online platform.

We then review your plan with you annually updating relevant information to ensure that the strategy is still optimal for you.

As life happens, we adjust your plan to accommodate for the things that we can’t predict including any shift in priorities that may arise. No matter what happens we will be here to pivot with you.

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Areas of Expertise

Wealth Management

Our primary focus is on selecting diverse asset allocations and implementing disciplined rebalancing strategies for the lowest fees.

Much of our time is spent managing client behaviour and minimizing taxes, as these factors have a significant impact on long-term investment returns. This approach is key to creating momentum and growth within our clients’ portfolios.

Life & Health Insurance

Insurance is a foundational piece to any financial plan.

Having the right coverage in place can disaster-proof your plan, protecting the financial futures of you and your family. After all, what is the point of working so hard to create wealth if it is taken away when you need it most? In determining the amount of coverage that’s right for you, we employ a needs-based approach, putting our clients in a position to make informed and intelligent decisions, ensuring the most important things in their lives are secured and taken care of.

Retirement Planning

Retirement can be the most challenging transition for many people.

They need to shift from earning money to withdrawing money. What if I run out of money? Will the fear of running out of money cripple my ability to enjoy my retirement? What if I need care in my later years? What will my estate look like? We spend the time to answer all of your questions to make sure that you can live to the fullest.

Estate Planning

Anyone who has been the executor of a will can attest that, except in a few situations, it is one of the worst jobs they have ever had to take care of.

The process can last way too long and cause conflict within the surviving family members. We help our clients to make the job as easy for their executors and surviving family members as possible.

Corporate Investing

Business owners tend to be good at making money but often need help knowing what to do with it once it starts to build up within their corporate structure.

We evaluate what stage your business is in and what structure would best suit your situation.  We take a multi-disciplinary approach, working with accountants and lawyers, to ensure that your financial team is coordinated, aligned, and pulling in the same direction.

Charitable Giving

There are many reasons to give to charity.

Whatever your reasons are for giving, our goal is to make sure that the maximum benefit is received by the intended beneficiary and you.  We help you give in the smartest way possible.

Our Thinking

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Portfolio Manager

January 20, 2022

Most Canadians will have weighed up the advantages of using an advisor at some point in their lives. But with more and more options open to the DIY investor, the question of whether to use a professional is one many people don’t fully understand.


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